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Introduction to Permaculture

Lectures, Design and Hands-on Training in the Principles and Methodologies of Permaculture

River to River Farm, Tunnel Hill
May 24-25, 2014

Food Works and River to River Farm will host a two-day Permaculture introductory workshop uniquely adapted for the Southern Illinois region.

Workshop participants will literally get their hands dirty while learning strategies for effective land use design. This Introduction to Permaculture workshop highlights horticultural solutions to critical issues that farmers and landowners face, including soil improvement, maximizing landscape productivity and designing for healthy water management.

Led by Wayne Weiseman, local author and international Permaculture consultant, the workshop blends hands-on learning with discussion, design projects, group exercises, games, and presentations. Weiseman operates the Permaculture Project, an education and consulting service based in Carbondale focused on implementing land and structure designs using Permaculture principles.

“Permaculture Design is a planning method that works at all scales from garden to farm and village to city”, said Weiseman. “It is an ethically-based holistic design system that uses principles derived from ecosystems, native peoples, and proven strategies to create sustainable settlements and organizations”.

Rooted in agriculture and horticulture, and with an ethic of care for land and people, Permaculture design touches on subjects including regional planning, ecology, animal husbandry, appropriate technology, architecture, and international development.

“There’s been a recent increase in the popularity of Permaculture design, especially among sustainable farmers and gardeners,” said Dayna Conner, executive director of Food Works and farmer training coordinator. “Permaculture is seen as a tool of resilience and sustainability, saving people time and money through implementation of a holistic functional design.

The cost of the workshop is $175 for the weekend, or $95 for one day. Meals are included. Camping is available for registered participants. For information about the workshop, contact Dayna Conner at dayna at eatsouthernillinois.org or 618-319-0542. For more information about Wayne Weiseman and Permaculture, visit the Permaculture Project website.

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